The history of Bless Friday


Bless Friday® originated from a homily given by Father Dan at St. John Vianney Catholic Church in Houston on the Sunday after Thanksgiving 2009.  Chuck Fox, who takes his father to mass there each Sunday night, heard the sermon about how we in the United States are losing sight of why we celebrate Christmas.  Chuck was convicted by the message and decided to help change the culture. 

That week he went back to his home church, Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church, talked with his pastor, Dave Peterson and organized some service opportunities for the next year, 2010.  He also sent out some emails describing the idea.  A friend, Keith Kirby, liked the idea and told Gary Aaron about it at lunch and also forwarded the email.  Gary went to his church, Lake Church, in Montgomery, Texas and persuaded his pastor to schedule service opportunities.   

And that’s how it started!  We pray it doesn’t stop until Black Friday becomes Bless Friday®.


Bless friday®:  A day for service not shopping